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Hrísey, Iceland
Yesterday was my 9 month mark of being clean!!

So proud of myself for not self harming in 9 months now, couldn’t believe from the start that I would make it this far, but I am so happy right now as things are going right and I am loving everything and everybody around me. so lucky to have the support from my wonderful friends and of course you guys!
Amazing how I’ve made it this far and I know I have it in me to keep it going for the rest of my life now :)
Happy happy happy

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try meh ennyssssss
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Holy shit

I can’t even begin to describe the brilliance of this segment. 



i’m screaming. she’s fucking awesome. anyone know where this can be found as an actual video?

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Anonymous : How come those grades? Were the exams tough? (I don't mean it in a bad way, i just want to know bc i am taking them next year) Xx

Literally so distraught! Apart from the U which I was expecting because it was business all the exams were so perfect and great exams (and actually excluding core studies for psychology as well) but seriously, English I got a C and I’m so devastated as I needed an A and knew I could get an A because I’ve never sat such a perfect exam in my life :( so heartbreaking knowing I’m not that great at the one thing I love most and am most passionate about!

Anonymous : what grades did you get?x


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